Malvadeza M1

The first launch of the experimental series has 9% of alcoholic volume, 70 IBU and 50 EBC. This Black IPA contains in your recipe 6 different types of malts and 6 different types of hops. So it's a strong characteristic beer, which may scare due to high alcohol content and IBU, but which is easy to consume.

Type: Black India Pale Ale                      Percentage of alcohol: 9%                            Bitterness: 70 IBU                              Harmonization: Red meats, strong and spicy seasonings.


Malvadeza M2

The second launch of the experimental series has 8% of the alcoholic volume, 15 IBU and 45 EBC. This Dubbel, with high alcohol content, carries a touch of guava juice to complement the palate.

Type: Dubbel                                            Percentage of alcohol: 8%                        Bitterness: 15 IBU                                Harmonization: Pork and cheese.


Malvadeza M3

The third launch of the experimental series arrives with 10% of alcoholic volume, 20 IBU and 70 EBC. This Imperial Stout surprises with the unmistakable aroma of coffee coupled with chocolate and the lightness of vanilla, while remaining a strong and dark beer.

Type: Imperial Stout                                  Percentage of alcohol: 10%                        Bitterness: 20 IBU                                Harmonization: Desserts with red fruits, ice cream and chocolates.

Awarded Beer at the 2018 Brazilian Beer Competition (Concurso Brasileiro de Cervejas 2018) in Blumenau - SC. Bronze medal in Imperial Stout category.


Malvadeza M4

Our fourth experimental trial launch has 6.9% of alcoholic volume, 39 IBU and 32 EBC. This American Double Red has the balanced aroma, with marked presence. High fermentation beer, sweet stout type. Texture of malt and hop. On the palate the highlight is the hops citrus and the malty flavor creamy. The beer has a dark color. In the aroma stands out the toasted toffee along with the coffee and a light touch of dried fruits.

Type: American Double Red                      Percentage of alcohol: 6,9%                      Bitterness: 35 IBU                              Harmonization: Red meat

Award-winning beer at Copa Cervezas de América, 2017. Type: Stout


Malvadeza M5

The fifth launch of the experimental series has 6.5% of volume, 15 IBU and 38 EBC. This Weizenbock has light aroma of bread, caramel, dried fruits, cloves and bananas. In the palate, the malted taste is highlighted, slightly sweet.

Type: Weizenbock                                      Percentage of alcohol: 6.5%                      Bitterness: 15 IBU                              Harmonization: Roast mutton, funghi risotto and desserts.


Malvadeza M6

The sixth release of the experimental series has an alcohol content of 6.5%, 50 IBU and 23EBC. This NEIPA (New England IPA) has high turbidity, due to the combination of the amount of protein it has and the English yeast that is used in the brewing process. It has yellowish color and is characterized by a great load of aromatic hops, which brings the tropical and citric fruit flavors.

Type: NEIPA                                                  Percentage of alcohol: 6.5%                        Bitterness: 50 IBU                                Harmonization: Red meat